Weird & Wonderful

Emily created this huge show in 2013 to give performers a stage where they can come and show everyone what they love to do. She invites professional performers from all over the UK, and also has her amazing students and instructors perform as well. Below you can see some pictures and videos from our fifth Weird & Wonderful Show below.

 Saturday 15th July 2017, Swindon MECA

This was the FIFTH annual Weird & Wonderful and it was absolutely EPIC! The show gets crazier and more diverse every year, and we’re so grateful to the amazing students, instructors and professionals who get up on the stage and show us how weird and wonderful they really are.

Our incredible guest performers this year included Lauren Red, Sam King, Andi Active Cherry, Amy Capper and Mandy Foster, Lauren Elise, Amanda PoleLove, Annie Norris, Miss Glory Pearl, Jamie Taylor, Lisette Krol and SO MANY MORE.

You can catch up with some of the student and guest performances below.