Poles and merchandise

Please send us an email to check stock levels before placing any orders on this page.

Student handbook
Student handbook Your beginner's guide to rocking the pole – £20
This handbook is a great training guide for all levels, containing loads of information on everything from basic spins and transitions, to conditioning, correct posture and how to put together a routine.

High-waisted shorts
High waisted shorts Weird & Wonderful shorts – £25
These high-waisted shorts are really flattering.

They are available in sizes 8-18 in a range of 6 colours and a choice of 'Weird' or 'Wonderful' design.

I'm Weird

I'm Wonderful

Hoodies Emily's Pole Fitness hoodies – £29
Our hoodies are available in 'I love pole dancing' or 'I love aerial hoop' designs, in a huge range of colours, sizes small to extra large. Please email info@emilyspolefitness.co.uk before buying to check what we have in stock.

Pole or Hoop:

Crop tops
Crop tops

Weird & Wonderful crop tops – £25

These crop tops are 'one size fits all', come in 'Weird' or 'Wonderful' design, and a huge range of colours.

I'm Weird

I'm Wonderful

Leggings & dance pants
Dance pants

Weird & Wonderful leggings and dance pants – £28

Available in black as standard leggings or bootcut dance pants, these can be purchased in 'Weird Legs' or 'Wonderful Legs' designs in sizes from extra small to extra large. They are high quality and stretch up really well without losing their shape or becoming see-through. A medium fits a size 10 person well, but if you're unsure please ask to try on at the studio.

Weird or Wonderful:

If you're loving your pole classes and want to get some practice in at home, it's vitally important to get a high-quality, safe and reputable pole. There are a number of good brands out there, but also an awful lot of cheap, knock-off and frankly dangerous poles that a serious pole enthusiast would not look twice at. There are many low-priced poles with a reputation for snapping or falling, and you cannot put a price on your safety. If you have found a second-hand or cheap pole that seems too good to be true, it usually is – we highly recommend that you consult with your instructor before purchasing it.

The brand of pole we recommend at Emily's Pole Fitness is X-Pole. Emily is an authorised seller of X-Poles, and if you purchase through Emily's Pole Fitness instead of on the X-Pole website, you will not have any postage and packaging charges to pay. X-Pole is the brand of pole that we use in the studio, so you are already familiar with them. Our poles are chrome, and either 45mm or 50mm (the 45mm poles are the two at the front of the studio and the two at the back; the four in the middle are the 50mm poles).

When choosing your pole, you will need to decide:
  • Which thickness you prefer (40mm, 45mm or 50mm)
  • The type of finish you want (the most popular and inexpensive is chrome, but other options include brass and titanium gold – the type of finish affects the grip)
  • If you would like the option to have your pole both static and spinny (the X-Pole Xpert has static and spin modes, whereas the X-Pole Sport is static only)
  • The type of pole you want (the X-pert and Sport poles are tension-mounted between the floor and a joist in a standard ceiling, meaning no drilling or fixings are required; X-stages are free-standing and do not touch the ceiling)
The most popular pole with our students is usually the 45mm X-Pole X-pert in chrome.

X-Poles are bottom-loading, which means that you don't need a ladder to put them up, and tension-mounted, which means that they won't damage your ceiling when installed correctly. They have a smooth surface from top to bottom, with no nasty gaps or protrusions at the joins to catch and pinch at skin. From the box, they fit ceiling heights of between 7ft 4ins and 9ft, and they can be made heigher by purchasing extensions. Each pole comes with a detailed instruction manual, and is easy to install, even on uneven floors. If you get stuck, there is a comprehensive troubleshooting section on the X-Pole website, and a lot of helpful videos on YouTube. All poles come with carry cases.

More information about the different types of pole available can be found on the X-Pole website


Note: The pole thickness makes no difference to the price.

X-pert (static and spinny)
Chrome: £199.99
Titanium gold: £225
Brass: £299.99

Sport (static only)
Chrome: £149.99
Titanium gold: £169.99

X-stage (static and spinny)
Chrome: £499.99
Brass: £599.99

If you would like to purchase a pole, please get in touch, answering all the questions in the bullet points above, and Emily will contact you to arrange payment and complete your order.