Pole Dancing


6.00pm – 7.10pm Monday
7:20pm – 8:30pm Tuesday
6:20pm – 7:30pm Wednesday
7.50pm – 9:00pm Thursday

6.00pm – 7.10pm Tuesday
8:40pm – 9:50pm Tuesday
7.40pm – 8.50pm Wednesday

9:00pm – 10:10pm Wednesday

7.20pm – 8.30pm Monday

Book In

To book in and secure your space, please use the PayPal button below. Before you pay your deposit, please make sure you have read through our FAQs and terms and conditions

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Not only have I found a fitness class I love each and every week but I have met some incredible friends too. Emily's Pole Fitness is amazing, you are supported 100% of the way, you laugh every class and learn new things you couldn't even imagine was possible. I cannot wait for next week!!
Louise Whichello

How to Book and Pay

To book yourself in to start pole classes, firstly take a look at the timetable above to select the class at the best level and time for you, then contact us to see if there is space in your chosen class. If you wish to start in a class above beginner level, please give a little bit of detail about your pole experience and level when you send your message. Emily will get back to you to book you in where there are spaces.

Once you are booked in, a deposit of one lesson in advance needs to be paid, using the PayPal button below. You do not need a PayPal account to pay your deposit – most credit and debit cards are accepted by the PayPal service. Your booking is not secure until the deposit is paid.

Your deposit is advance payment for your first lesson – at the end of your class, if you have enjoyed it and want to come back for the following week, you will need to pay another £12 in cash to secure your space for next week. You’ll continue to pay one lesson cash in advance until you decide to stop classes (if you ever do want to stop!), and then your last lesson with us will be prepaid.

We don’t have the facility to take card payments at the studio, so please make sure that you have cash on you to keep your space secure.

About Lessons

Pole lessons cost £12 for a 70-minute session.

We begin with a 10 minute fun dance / aerobic warm up, followed by pole work and then finishing with a 20 minute cool down, consisting of stretches and toning exercises. Please read the FAQs to find out what is suitable to wear during lessons.

There are no more than 2 students per pole, and no more than 16 in a class. Plenty of space! Lessons are taught on both static and spinny pole, four weeks of each! Complete beginners to advanced students are all welcome.

Pole routines will be worked into lessons, so students will not only learn how to do spins and tricks but also learn how to link moves together and put their own pole routines together! See the video below for an example of the sorts of fun routines students learn.

Students will also be given the opportunity to perform for friends and family as regular shows are organised for students to take part in. Visit the events pages to find out more.

Anyone can give pole dancing a go: any shape, any size, any fitness level. Emily’s Pole Fitness classes will help you build your confidence and reach your full potential on the pole!

What should we expect?

The lesson will begin with a fun warm-up, followed by learning some beginner transitions, spins and poses, which are then linked into a basic pole routine for you to try out to music. Parties and group bookings are suitable for complete beginners to advanced students.

Still have questions? Take a look at the FAQs or get in touch.

Emily's Pole Fitness is full of wonderful and inspiring people. When I come to class, all other troubles melt away. My classes make me stronger, more confident and it's like being around a second family.
Louise Hobbs

Pole parties

You can have a group booking or a pole party for any occasion: work team building, birthday, hen do… anything you like!

A pole party is up to 90 minutes long and can be booked up to a maximum of 16 people. The price is £25 per person.

If you book a pole party, the studio can be decorated to suit your party and you will all receive a certificate of attendance.

Contact us to enquire about booking. Once you have booked, you will need to pay a 2-person deposit of £50 using the Paypal button below. 

What type of party?

Private lessons

Private lessons can be arranged with Emily or any of her instructors at a time convenient for you, as long as it doesn’t clash with a class that is already running. A private lessons costs £45 for an hour for one person, or £22.50 per person for two people or more, to be paid in cash directly to the instructor at the beginning of your lesson.

To arrange a private lesson, get in touch and let us know which instructor you’d like a private lesson with – we’ll get back to you to arrange a mutually convenient time. If you are a new student, please prepay for your private session using the button below to secure the booking.

Students in action

Check out the videos below for some of our awesome students in action on stage at Emily’s Pole Fitness shows.