Lessons and classes

Weekly classes
Emily on the pole

Pole dancing

Pole dancing is a great way to keep fit and increase your confidence! You will learn how to dance, spin and eventually perform tricks inverted (upside down) on the pole, once you have mastered the basics. Anyone can give pole dancing a go: any shape, any size, any level. Emily's Pole Fitness will help you to increase your strength, flexibility and confidence, so you can reach your full potential on the pole.
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Emily performing on the hoop

Aerial hoop

Aerial hoop is a circus art form, also known as lyra. A steel hoop is suspended in the air, and one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics and gymnastic-style moves on it. You will be amazed at the things you will learn in the air on an aerial hoop and will eventually be able to start linking poses together to create your own routines.

Aerial hoop classes at Emily's Pole Fitness run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays. The Monday and Wednesday mixed ability classes are suitable for existing students with some aerial hoop experience. Our complete beginners class takes place on a Sunday. Sunday classes are run in four-week blocks or courses, with the option to save money and pay for all four upfront, or just book and pay for the sessions you're available for individually. Find out more about aerial hoop
Children's aerial hoop

Children's aerial hoop

Due to popular demand, we are delighted to be able to offer children's aerial hoop classes at Emily's Pole Fitness now! Our experienced instructors are fully qualified and insured to teach children, plus have qualifications in safeguarding and first aid, as well as DBS, all available on request.

Classes are available for age groups 5-9 years old and 10-15 years old. Each class has two instructors, and a maximum of three children per piece of equipment. For more information and to book, visit the page. Find out more about children's aerial hoop classes
Emily performing on the silks

Aerial silks

Aerial silks is another circus art form, also known as tissu. Aerial acrobatics are performed by one or more artists wrapping themselves in and hanging from two strands of suspended fabric. You will learn the basics of aerial silks, beginning with creating beautiful poses and climbing, and building up to inverting.

Aerial silks classes run every week on Thursdays at 6pm. Classes last for 70 minutes and cost £14. Find out more about aerial silks
Emily performing a tulip

Stretch courses

As you advance in pole and aerial arts, flexibility becomes more important to prevent injury and achieve those next big moves. We run a weekly stretch class for all levels – from people who can't yet ltouch their toes, to people who already find the splits easy. The knowledgable, bendy and skilled instructors at Emily's will challenge everyone at a safe and appropriate level. Each session is one hour long and costs £10.

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Private lessons
Private lessons are available in pole dance, aerial hoop and aerial silks, as well as the below disciplines. To enquire about booking a private lesson, get in touch using our contact form.

Emily performing on the aerial pole

Aerial pole

Aerial pole is a great twist on traditional fixed pole dancing. You will learn to climb, do tricks and spin on a flying pole suspended from the ceiling – many of the tricks and spins are the same as fixed pole in principle, but the movement of the aerial pole adds a whole new level of challenge and fun!
Emily training on the trapeze


Emily also teaches trapeze. Trapeze is also a circus art, in which one or more artists perform acrobatics on a flat bar suspended between two ropes. It can be performed static or flying – Emily teaches on a static trapeze. You will learn to safely mount and dismount the trapeze in a variety of ways, create beautiful shapes using the bar and the ropes, and eventually build up to more dynamic movements.
Emily performing in character

Performance / competition coaching

Emily has a great deal of experience in competing and performing, and she is well-known in the pole community for her memorable character pieces. If you are putting together a competition or performance piece and you need some tips on stage presence, character, interesting combinations and movement styles, Emily can help with all of this and more.