Happy New Year!

We are closed for now due to the government announcement on Monday 4th Jan stating that we are back in lockdown for the third time. But we will reopen as soon as we are allowed to. We have online tutorials on our Patreon channel for only £12 per month with over 150 tutorials and more being added! We really appreciate your support.

We are truly grateful to have been able to reopen in September after the first lockdown and again in December after the second lockdown. We aren’t going anywhere and will be back after the THIRD time being closed by the government.

We will be offering most of our lessons when we reopen and you can find information for each discipline on our Lessons page. 

The studio was freshened up in 2020 with a fresh coat of paint, new colourful cubby holes and beautiful new rainbow doors which are perfect for those selfies and photos for Instagram! We have also added some awesome UV and disco lights which add another level of fun to our classes. Feel free to check out some photos of our beautiful studio on our Contact Us page.

We are COVID safe and have a COVID-19 policy in place to keep you all safe. You can view our COVID-19 policy on our FAQs page.

If you have any questions then please email info@emilyspolefitness.co.uk