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Weird & Wonderful 2017
Saturday 15th July

Performers for Weird and Wonderful 2017

Emily's Pole Fitness is proud to present our fifth annual Weird & Wonderful – the pole, aerial and circus show where anything goes! We hope you are as excited as we are – this year's show will be EPIC!

We have an incredible line-up of new and returning performers this year, including students, instructors and professionals. Confirmed performers include:
  • Miss Glory Pearl
  • Lisette Krol
  • Jamie Taylor
  • Sam King
  • Andi Active Cherry
  • Lauren Red & Gemma Cakebread
  • Amy Capper
  • Mandy Foster
  • Nicola Ghalmi
  • Lauren Elise
  • ... and many more!

We are only selling tables of 12 seats this year – each table costs £180, so just £15 per person! We won't be selling individual seats, but if you want to get a group together to buy a table, just post a message on the Emily's Pole Fitness Group page on Facebook – there are usually other people looking to buy or sell seats.

As well as an awesome show, this year we also have:
  • Table service for the bar
  • Popcorn for sale
  • Large Dominos pizzas for sale at only £10 – pre-order directly through MECA
  • Weird & Wonderful merchandise for sale; tops, shorts, leggings and jogging bottoms
  • Free props on all tables for photos and fun times!
  • A Weird & Wonderful scene where you can take awesome photos
  • Free programmes with all performers info

Doors open at 6pm, show starts at 7pm and will finish around 11pm. This is strictly an 18+ event.

Buy your table now! (£180)


Weird & Wonderful workshops
Sunday 16th July

Weird and Wonderful workshop teachers

We have 5 very talented performers teaching their fantastic worksops the day after our show Weird & Wonderful!

All workshops are an hour long, all details are below:

Flat rate for one class £40
2 classes £60 (£30 each)
3 classes £85 (£28.33 each)
4 classes £110 (£27.50 each)
5 classes £130 (£26.00 each)

Lisette Krol – Flow & Choreography
9.30am - 10:30am
ALL levels welcome

Lisette will teach you a contemporary routine focusing on transitions and flow. Learn some interesting combinations, keeping fluidity and beauty and find the beautiful dancer in you.

Jamie Taylor – Serpent Power
10:35am - 11:35am
ALL levels welcome

This class is a mix of Jamie Taylor's 4 years of experience as a club dancer, material from her extremely popular 'Stripper Style' workshops, and also touches on material from her 'Ancient Exotic' workshop.

Every dedicated practitioner links in to their own way of being while practicing. Yoga has its meditative Zen, elite athletes have their intense and focused flow state. Exotic Dancers too, link into what Jamie likes to call their Serpent Power. That passionate fire inside that enthralls, and also intimidates those who watch them move.

This power does not only belong to those who dance, it can be ignited in every woman who takes this class, if they are willing to have faith in the process.

In this class we will use easy and repetitive, flowing feminine dance and movement that feels good to the body, mind and soul. This is not a skill base class, you do not have to become 'technically good' at the moves. You will not have to make the moves look good for others. You just have to feel the movements.

Many of have been or felt repressed when it comes to expressing our sensual side. This class not only dissolves any pain or shame from such experiences, but awakens your sensual side, and also reminds you how powerful and fiery that side of you is.

Learn how to move for YOU. Learn how to express your sensual side for YOU. Learn to love who you are, and what you have, for YOU.

Warning: This class has an obvious sexual element. Please respect your fellow class mates journey. For mature minds only.

Please bring knee pads, shoes and a yoga mat. A folded up bath towel, even if you have kneepads, may be handy for those with very sensitive knees.

Rae Lloyd – Hula Hoop
11:40am - 12:40pm
ALL levels welcome

Learn some fun hula hooping with the awesome Rae! More info coming soon.

Andi Active Cherry – Aerial Playground
12:45pm - 1:45pm
Beginner aerial experience required

Another aerial playground session at Emily's! How exciting! This time we'll be playing with the prism and mini hoop as well as the old favourite spiral. The mini hoop is a fun challenge as you can apply your previous hoop knowledge to this small apparatus to squish up into fun shapes. It also makes some moves feel more secure, allowing you to try and bend a little more into them.

The prism is super interesting as it gives you a 3D aerial experience. That bars are straight so it feels a little like trapeze but there are more options for limb placement which helps you to come up with new and interesting shapes.

This session will be a guided playtime. It's up to you to have a go after lessening a few mounting techniques and safety points, to show Andi what you come up with.

Sam King – Pole
1:50pm - 2:50pm
ALL pole levels welcome

You don't have to be a seasoned poler to have the wow factor. Learn to fly with big bold spins and perfect the technique behind your favourite tricks. This workshop will not only leave you feeling confident on the pole but will also develop your strength and technique. Sam can adapt any move to suit your level so don't worry if you aren't a mega strong pole dancer.

There are limited spaces! If you would like to book you need to email Payment is needed in advance to secure your place. There are NO REFUNDS once you have paid. If you can no longer make it then it is your responsibility to find somebody to fill your space. If you do this, please email to let Emily know.
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